Jet Black

Telephone Black

Lakha Red

Lappato Black

Lappato White

Tan Brown

Brazil Brown

Majestic Black

Kotra Black

P White

Cheema Pink

Kharad Red

Gem Red

Tiger Skin

Himalayan Brown

Nano White

Granite is widely used for many purposes and throughout history because of its abundance. It is also a hard stone which makes it ideal for construction, used as blocks in exterior building construction, crushed as road gravel, or polished and used for interior decoration. Granite has been used throughout history as a building material and also as a material in sculptural art. Pieces of granite were used by ancient Egyptians to build the pyramids, and granite is also found in ancient roman dwellings. Granite is also used as a sculpting material in the present day. Though it is much harder than other stones used in carving, it does not bruise, and therefore artists can use more aggressive carving techniques without fear of ruining their piece. Granite is also the primary ingredient in sand, both naturally made and manmade. When exposed granite is subjected to weathering and erosion, small pieces of granite flow into rivers and streams, ending up as sand along riverbeds and even along ocean coastlines. This individual granite mineral grain deposit is called a grus.

Major states where vast reserves of granite can be found are Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Hero Tiles Mfg Co is proud to be a prominent granite dealer in Tinsukia

Here is a list of types of granite stone offered by us:

1. Black Granite

  • Telephone Black Granite
  • Jet black Granite
  • Pearl Black Granite
  • Rajasthan Black Granite
  • Black Galaxy Granite
  • Black Forest Granite
  • Coin Black Granite

2. Red Granite

  • New Imperial Red Granite
  • Red Multicolour Granite
  • Lakha Red Granite
  • Ruby Red Granite
  • Asian Top Granite
  • Alaska Red Granite

3. Brown Granite

  • Tan Brown Granite
  • Brazil Brown Granite

4. White Granite

  • Pearl White Granite
  • Alaska White Granite
  • SK White Granite
  • Cera Grey Granite

Black is a popular granite colour, most popular being the telephone black granite of India. Black is a very versatile colour and finds huge applications in areas such as kitchen countertops, door frames, window frames, wall coverings, bathroom tiles, floorings, monuments, gravestones and the list goes on. Black granite is found both in the northern and the southern regions of India. Granites from northern and southern regions of India differ in their appearance, properties and costs. Black granite is hard, strong and consistent.

Red is another very common granite colour. Red is predominantly used for countertops and flooring details. Red granite is also a very popular granite for monuments and graves. Majority of red granite reserves of India are in its northern region.

Tan brown granite is used for kitchen countertop, floorings, wall coverings, etc. This granite has a rich brown base with lighter grains ranging from medium to large size. This granite is extremely consistent in its colour. It is hard and resistant to stains.

P White granite is the most popular white granite of India. This granite’s consistency, brightness and cheap price has really caught on. P White granite is a standard granite for commercial projects. P White granite can even be used for floorings in the form of tiles or slabs. Even though this granite is a little porous, sealing the granite ensures a longer life of the granite surface.

For commercial projects, companies often opt for a commercial grade of granites. Commercial grade of granites are considerably cheaper than premium granites owing to their imperfections. These defects are usually visual and normally do not affect the structural integrity of the granite. Particularly, when granite is leathered, a commercial grade of granite may be a logical choice since the visual imperfections are concealed after the surface treatment.

Granites are available in different finishes namely leathered, lapatro and flamed, which are the 3 most important finishes.