Polished Green

White Marble

Marble is considered to be a luxurious natural stone that never goes out of style. Hence there is huge demand and consumption of both marble slabs and pre-polished ready-to-fix marble tiles in India. There are rich marble deposits in the states of Rajasthan, which accounts for the huge production of marble in India; the other marble-producing states of India include Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

Indian marble is available in numerous varieties, vein patterns and colours, such as white, yellow, beige, green, black and brown. One can experiment with different types of marble to create designs by combining marble slabs or tiles of different colours, shapes and patterns.

1. White marble

White marble is in high demand because it makes the home look more spacious.

2. Yellow marble

3. Green marble

3. Green marble

Being a marble dealer in Tinsukia, Hero Tiles Mfg Co primarily deals in white and green marbles.